Kawai 506N Upright Piano

An instrument of remarkable craftsmanship that caters to musicians seeking excellence, longevity, and affordability. With its refined design and exceptional features, this piano offers an immersive musical experience that surpasses all expectations.

The foundation of the 506N lies in three essential elements that define its exceptional performance. The solid spruce soundboard forms the heart of its resonant and expressive tonality, captivating both players and listeners with its rich sonic palette. Supported by a robust back assembly, reinforced by five sturdy back posts, this piano ensures stability and durability for countless hours of practice and performance.

The Ultra-Responsive Direct Blow Action, an emblem of Kawai pianos, lies at the core of the 506N’s touch. This innovative mechanism translates the pianist’s artistry with precision and sensitivity, enabling effortless dynamics and nuanced expression. From delicate melodies to thundering chords, the 506N faithfully delivers the full range of musical emotions.

Encased within an elegant cabinet, the 506N showcases a design that harmoniously blends aesthetics and functionality. Its graceful lines and thoughtful details complement any setting, adding a touch of sophistication to your musical space.

With the Kawai 506N Upright Piano, you can fully immerse yourself in its captivating sound and responsive touch, knowing it has been built to endure the test of time. This finely crafted instrument guarantees lasting satisfaction and musical fulfillment, making it the perfect companion for pianists of all levels.

Experience the unrivaled musicality of the Kawai 506N Upright Piano—a testament to superb craftsmanship, innovation, and the joy of creating music.