Kawai CA501 Digital Piano with Bluetooth in Sacramento

The Kawai CA501 Digital Piano for sale at our Sacramento gallery builds upon a rich heritage of authentic sound and premium features that have been synonymous with its predecessors. This latest iteration maintains the fundamental Grand Feel Compact wooden-key keyboard action and acoustic piano tones derived from both Shigeru Kawai and Kawai Concert Grand Pianos, while introducing an all-new ‘competition grand’ sound to deliver a more natural and expressive playing encounter.

To emulate the immersive sound projection of an acoustic piano, the CA501 incorporates a redesigned speaker system with 360° top speaker diffuser panels. This innovative approach ensures that the sound is distributed more faithfully, resembling the resonance of a traditional piano.

MSRP: $4999

Gallery Price: $3999

The addition of Bluetooth® MIDI v5 functionality, accompanied by Bluetooth® Audio v5, takes the CA501’s connectivity to new heights. Musicians can now enjoy high-quality wireless audio transmission with minimal latency and improved audio fidelity.

Visually, our Kawai CA501 digital piano for sale in Sacramento boasts an updated cabinet design that emulates the taller body and rounded edge details of the larger Concert Artist models, exuding a contemporary and awe-inspiring aesthetic. The modernized OLED graphic display further enhances user visibility and convenience.

As part of the esteemed Kawai CA (Concert Artist) Series, the CA501 upholds the reputation of being one of the most acclaimed lines of digital upright pianos in Sacramento and worldwide. It is a model that promises to captivate players of all proficiency levels, offering an exceptional playing experience that exceeds expectations.