Kawai CA901 Digital Piano

The extraordinary Kawai CA901 digital piano takes the concert grand piano experience to new heights through its advanced Soundboard Speaker System. Equipped with powerful transducers and front-facing speakers, complemented by 360-degree speaker diffuser panels for the top speakers, this instrument offers an astonishing audio experience that captivates both players and listeners alike.

Uncompromising in its performance, the CA901 combines the acclaimed Grand Feel III keyboard action with Ivory & Ebony Touch key surfaces. This exceptional keyboard is now enhanced further with the introduction of the brand-new Competition Grand Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine, featuring multi-channel sampling and resonance modeling. These innovations contribute to an unparalleled level of realism and expressiveness.

MSRP: $7999

Gallery Price: $6399

The CA901 sets itself apart with its contemporary cabinet design, which exudes a modern aesthetic. The addition of an anti-glare LCD touchscreen provides effortless navigation and control, while the dynamic new piano sounds elevate the playing experience to astonishing heights.

In the realm of hybrid digital pianos, the CA901 stands in a class of its own. Its remarkable Soundboard Speaker System, impeccable keyboard action, and cutting-edge sound engine make it a masterpiece of musical craftsmanship. Whether performing or listening, the CA901 delivers an exceptional concert grand piano experience that is sure to leave a lasting impression.