Kawai CA99 Digital Piano

Experience the unparalleled joy of a concert piano in the privacy of your own home with the extraordinary Kawai CA99 Digital Piano. Boasting an advanced Sound Speaker System, complete with state-of-the-art 360-degree speaker diffuser panels, this exceptional instrument delivers an immersive and awe-inspiring audio experience.

The CA99 is equipped with the upgraded Grand Feel III keyboard action, providing a responsive and natural touch that emulates the feel of an acoustic grand piano. The keys feature Ivory & Ebony Touch surfaces, further enhancing the authenticity of your playing experience. Paired with the improved Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine, which incorporates multi-channel sampling and resonance modeling, the CA99 produces a stunningly realistic and expressive sound.


Not only does the CA99 excel in performance, but it also captivates with its sleek and contemporary cabinet design. The piano’s aesthetic appeal is further heightened by an updated LCD touchscreen, offering intuitive and effortless navigation. Additionally, the CA99 presents an array of authentic new piano sounds, ensuring a versatile and inspiring playing experience.

Whether you’re a professional pianist, a passionate enthusiast, or a beginner taking your first steps in the world of music, the Kawai CA99 Digital Piano sets itself apart as the ultimate choice among hybrid digital pianos. Immerse yourself in the brilliance and finesse of this exceptional instrument and unlock a world of musical possibilities.