Kawai CN201 Digital Piano for Sale in Sacramento

Continuously pushing boundaries, Kawai proudly presents the CN201, a digital mid-range piano for Sacramento musicians that exceeds expectations with its array of improvements. Packed with features typically reserved for top-tier instruments, the new CN201 sets a new standard.

First and foremost, the renowned Responsive Hammer III action has undergone enhancements to ensure improved stability and reduce action noise. This upgrade guarantees a more reliable and immersive playing experience.

To elevate the concert grand sound, the Shigeru concert grand piano has been refined, resulting in the finest mid-range digital piano sound in Sacramento. The CN201’s powerful sound system offers enhanced tonal clarity and superior audio quality, immersing players in a world of captivating sound.

MSRP: $2699

Gallery Price: $2299

An exclusive feature called ‘Low Volume Balance’ has been intelligently incorporated, allowing the piano to adapt its characteristics for optimal expression during low-volume playing. This innovative addition ensures that musicians can achieve remarkable expression and depth even at lower volumes.

In keeping up with modern connectivity demands, the CN201 includes Bluetooth audio alongside Bluetooth MIDI, enabling seamless streaming of audio through the piano’s sound system. This integration allows for a wider range of creative possibilities and immersive experiences.

Additionally, the Kawai CN201 Digital Piano for sale at our Sacramento gallery supports Kawai’s PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps, joining the esteemed roster of Kawai models. These apps empower users to access sounds, settings, and lesson scores through their iOS or Android smart devices, further expanding the versatility and accessibility of the instrument.

A redesigned control panel featuring a more intuitive layout perfectly complements the 2.5″ OLED display, enhancing usability and ease of navigation.

The Kawai CN201 Digital Piano for sale at our Sacramento store sets a new benchmark for excellence, combining technological advancements with unmatched musical expression. It is a testament to Kawai’s commitment to innovation and delivering instruments that resonate with musicians of all levels.