Kawai CN301Digital Piano

Introducing the fabulously versatile Kawai CN301 digital piano, the newest addition to Kawai’s esteemed CN series of mid-range pianos for sale from Kawai Piano Gallery in Sacramento. Building upon the success of its predecessor, the CN39, the CN301 incorporates features that are typically reserved for top-of-the-line instruments, making it one of the best mid-range piano choices at our Sacramento piano store.

To enhance performance, the renowned Responsive Hammer III action has undergone upgrades, reducing action noise and improving stability. These advancements ensure a smoother and more reliable playing experience, allowing musicians to fully immerse themselves in their music.

The Shigeru concert grand piano sound has been meticulously refined, resulting in the most exquisite concert grand sound available in a mid-range digital piano. You can experience the Kawai CN301’s digital piano sound system at our Sacramento piano gallery and hear the exceptional level of tonal clarity and superior audio quality that, allows every note to be heard with utmost precision. The addition of new diffuser panels mounted to the top-facing speakers further enriches the sound projection, creating a more immersive and acoustic piano-like effect.

MSRP: $3899

Gallery Price: $3099

The unique ‘Low Volume Balance’ feature adds another layer of innovation by intelligently adjusting the piano’s characteristics to ensure optimal expression even at low volumes. This ensures that musicians can achieve remarkable dynamics and subtlety in their performances, regardless of the volume level.

With the incorporation of both Bluetooth MIDI and Bluetooth audio, the CN301 opens up a world of wireless possibilities for seamless connectivity and integration with various applications and devices.

Just like other Kawai models, the CN301 supports Kawai’s PianoRemote and PiaBookPlayer apps, offering users the convenience of accessing settings, sounds, and lesson scores from their iOS or Android smart devices. This integration enhances the versatility and convenience of the instrument, providing an all-encompassing musical experience.

The redesigned control panel boasts a more intuitive layout that perfectly complements the large OLED display, enhancing ease of use and navigability.

The CN301 showcases Kawai’s commitment to excellence by incorporating top-tier features in a mid-range digital piano. It offers musicians an unparalleled playing experience that transcends expectations, making it an ideal choice for discerning pianists.