Drawing upon nearly a century of fine piano craftsmanship, Kawai propels the piano into the future with the GL-30 AURES 2 AnyTime Hybrid Grand Piano. This remarkable instrument seamlessly integrates advanced digital piano technology into the traditional grand piano, unlocking a world of new musical possibilities.

The GL-30 AURES 2 offers pianists the freedom to explore 90 digital sounds independently or layer them with the acoustic grand piano, creating unique and captivating tone combinations. Whether seeking a classical ambiance or experimental sonorities, this instrument empowers musicians to unleash their creativity. Additionally, when the need for silence arises, the acoustic piano can be muted, allowing for silent practice and playing through headphones.

The GL-30 AURES 2 inherits the exceptional touch of Kawai’s award-winning GL Series grand pianos, thanks to the renowned Millennium III carbon fiber action. This action mechanism provides outstanding responsiveness and precision, facilitating a remarkable playing experience. Furthermore, the instrument’s warm and vibrant tone is a testament to the renowned Kawai grand piano heritage.

Incorporating Kawai’s proprietary rendering and harmonic imaging XL technology, the GL-30 AURES 2 produces superb digital sounds that complement the acoustic piano magnificently. These digital sounds offer incredible realism and depth, further expanding the expressive possibilities of the instrument.

With the PianoRemote app, musicians can access additional powerful features including record, metronome, split and layer modes, as well as Bluetooth audio and MIDI connectivity. These tools enhance musical creativity and convenience, facilitating seamless integration with other devices and expanding the range of musical exploration.

Discover the boundless musical possibilities of the GL-30 AURES 2. This extraordinary instrument brings together the best of the acoustic and digital worlds, offering pianists an all-encompassing musical experience. With the GL-30 AURES 2, you have the ability to explore limitless creative potential within a single, extraordinary instrument.