The Kawai GL10-ATX4 hybrid piano is a delightful grand piano that brings the joy of music into your home. Merging seamlessly with the acoustic piano is Kawai’s advanced digital piano technology, offering a treasure trove of 90 sounds that can be experienced through headphones by muting the acoustic piano. Imagine playing a grand piano while hearing the mesmerizing tones of electric pianos, organs, strings, synths, and more. The possibilities for musical exploration are boundless.

With the Piano Remote app, you can unlock even more creative potential. Access a range of features including a record function with overdub, metronome, layering, and splitting functions. Additionally, Bluetooth MIDI and audio connectivity open up a world of possibilities for seamless integration with other devices, enabling you to explore new avenues of musical expression.

The GL10-ATX4 honors the legacy of heirloom quality pianos from the past while embracing the awe-inspiring power of today’s digital technology. The result is an instrument that fosters creativity in ways never before possible. It bridges the gap between tradition and innovation, offering musicians the best of both worlds.

Experience the exceptional versatility and beauty of the GL10-ATX4 hybrid piano for yourself. Visit your local Kawai retailer to explore the full line of AnyTime pianos and witness firsthand the harmonious fusion of acoustic and digital technologies. Let the GL10-ATX4 inspire you to unlock new levels of creativity and musical expression in the comfort of your own home.