Kawai GL20i 5’ 2”

Introducing the Kawai GL20i, an extraordinary musical instrument that combines maximum performance with a compact footprint. With features typically associated with larger grand pianos, the GL20i delivers a commanding performance despite its modest size, making it a powerhouse with a petite profile.

Measuring 5’2″ in length, the GL20i defies expectations by offering a remarkable level of performance in a compact package. This piano packs a punch, showcasing features that are usually reserved for larger grands. Its petite profile belies the power and expressiveness that emanates from its keys, captivating both players and listeners alike.

The GL20i is designed to maximize its performance capabilities, delivering a rich and immersive musical experience. Its superb craftsmanship ensures exceptional responsiveness and sensitivity, allowing musicians to unleash their creativity and expressiveness to the fullest extent. The piano’s harmonious and dynamic range allows for nuanced interpretations and captivating performances in any musical genre.

MSRP: $22,195

Gallery Price: $18,995

Despite its smaller size, the GL20i possesses an impressive range of features that contribute to its exceptional performance. It embodies the expertise and innovation of Kawai, a renowned name in the world of piano manufacturing. Each key resonates with clarity and precision, enabling musicians to evoke a wide spectrum of emotions through their music.

Whether you have limited space or simply prefer a more compact grand piano, the Kawai GL20i offers a perfect balance between performance and size. Experience the potency and expressive capabilities of this remarkable instrument, and discover a world of musical possibilities within its petite profile.