Kawai GL30 – 5’ 5”

Presenting the Kawai GL30, an exceptional musical instrument that harmoniously blends the rich, full-bodied tonal character of a larger classic grand piano with a flexible size that effortlessly enhances any home or studio environment. Measuring 5’5″ in length, the GL30 is a testament to Kawai’s commitment to delivering outstanding performance in a compact and versatile design.

The GL30 captures the essence of a larger classic grand piano, producing a remarkable depth and richness of sound. Its tonal character is both captivating and expressive, allowing musicians to convey their musical ideas with clarity and precision. Whether you’re a professional pianist or a music enthusiast, the GL30 delivers a fulfilling and immersive playing experience.

Designed to adapt seamlessly to any space, the GL30 is the perfect choice for homes and studios of varying sizes. Its flexible size allows it to effortlessly integrate into any environment without compromising on performance. This piano brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to any setting, elevating both the aesthetic appeal and musical atmosphere of your space.

MSRP: $34,895

Gallery Price: $29,895

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the GL30 embodies the renowned craftsmanship and expertise of Kawai. Each key is designed to respond with exceptional sensitivity and precision, ensuring a truly immersive and authentic playing experience. The piano’s flawless construction and elegant finish reflect the dedication and passion that goes into creating every Kawai instrument.

Experience the captivating blend of a larger classic grand piano in a versatile and compact design with the Kawai GL30. Let its rich tonal character and exceptional performance inspire your musical journey, and allow it to become a cherished centerpiece in your home or studio environment.