Kawai GL50 – 6’ 2”

Presenting the Kawai GL50, a highly acclaimed instrument that has garnered immense popularity among educators worldwide. With its impressive versatility and adaptability, this exceptional piano measuring 6’2″ effortlessly caters to the diverse musical requirements of classrooms, studios, and smaller performance venues.

The GL50 is renowned for its seamless adaptability, making it a preferred choice among educators and musicians alike. Its exceptional design and engineering allow it to effortlessly meet the demands of various musical settings, be it a bustling classroom, an intimate studio, or a smaller performance space. This piano empowers musicians to explore a wide array of musical styles and genres, enabling them to express their creativity with utmost confidence and ease.

Crafted with the utmost precision, the GL50 delivers an extraordinary playing experience. Each note resonates with remarkable clarity, depth, and expressive power, captivating both the performer and the audience. Its rich tonal palette and wide dynamic range allow musicians to convey their musical ideas with unmatched precision and artistry.

MSRP: $46,995

Gallery Price: $40,295

The GL50 is a testament to Kawai’s unwavering commitment to excellence. From its robust construction to its flawless finish, every aspect of this instrument showcases the skill and expertise of the master craftsmen involved in its creation. Not only does it produce magnificent sound, but its timeless elegance also adds a touch of sophistication to any performance space.

Whether you are an educator seeking an instrument that can inspire and nurture young talents or a performer looking for a piano that can effortlessly adapt to various musical demands, the Kawai GL50 is the perfect choice. Experience its remarkable versatility, exquisite craftsmanship, and captivating sound, and elevate your musical journey to unparalleled heights.