Kawai GX-2 AURES 2 Digital Piano

Drawing upon nearly a century of piano craftsmanship and advanced technology, the GX-2 AURES 2 Hybrid Grand Piano represents the pinnacle of acoustic and digital piano performance. This extraordinary instrument seamlessly blends the best features from both realms to create a truly remarkable musical experience.

At its core lies the magnificent GX-2 grand piano, boasting Kawai’s acclaimed Millennium III carbon fiber action, a tapered solid spruce soundboard, a robust back frame, and a massive cast iron plate. These elements combine to deliver unparalleled acoustic piano performance, characterized by superb responsiveness and a rich, resonant tone.

The GX-2 AURES 2 takes innovation to the next level by seamlessly integrating a premium digital piano into its design. With the option to play silently using headphones or through the acoustic soundboard via Kawai’s high-performance soundboard transducers, this instrument offers versatile playing options. The cutting-edge soundboard technology allows the GX-2 AURES 2 to produce breathtaking digital audio through its premium solid spruce soundboard, resulting in a remarkable sound that is both powerful and expansive.

Musicians can enhance their performances by exploring a wide selection of digital sounds or layering digital tones with the acoustic piano for a captivating and creative musical experience. The accompanying app-based metronome facilitates practice sessions, allowing players to hone their skills while recording their performances for further analysis and improvement. Additionally, the GX-2 AURES 2 enables musicians to play along with accompaniment tracks from a Bluetooth-connected smart device, transforming solo performances into captivating ensemble experiences.

The GX-2 AURES 2 Hybrid Grand Piano exemplifies the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology. With its unrivaled acoustic piano performance and a wealth of digital possibilities, this instrument opens up a world of creative expression and musical exploration. It stands as a testament to Kawai’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of piano innovation, offering musicians an instrument that truly inspires and elevates their playing.