Kawai GX3 Grand Piano

6’ 2”

Introducing the Kawai GX3 Grand Piano, a true masterpiece that combines dignified elegance with a distinctive tone reminiscent of larger grand pianos. The GX-3 BLAK commands attention with its remarkable presence, delivering a musical experience that surpasses expectations. Its outstanding tonal qualities and impeccable touch make it the preferred choice of professionals seeking exceptional performance.

With its versatile size, the GX-3 offers a perfect balance of compactness and tonal excellence. It exudes a sense of grandeur that transcends its physical dimensions, captivating both players and listeners alike. The remarkable tonal richness and clarity of the GX-3’s sound create a harmonious symphony that resonates with every stroke of the keys.

Crafted with extreme attention to detail, the GX3 Grand Piano embodies Kawai’s commitment to excellence. Its remarkable qualities are a testament to the dedication and expertise of our master craftsmen. From its exquisite polished finish to the precisely calibrated internal components, every aspect of the GX-3 is designed to deliver a superior playing experience.

The GX-3’s exceptional touch and nuanced tonal palette allow musicians to express themselves with unrivaled artistry. Its responsiveness and dynamic range enable performers to explore a wide spectrum of musical emotions, from delicate and introspective passages to bold and commanding performances.

Experience the epitome of musical sophistication with the Kawai GX3 Grand Piano. Its dignified elegance, distinctive tone, and unwavering performance make it an instrument of choice for professionals who demand excellence. Immerse yourself in the world of limitless musical possibilities and unleash your true artistic potential with the extraordinary GX-3.