Kawai GX7 Grand Piano

– 7’ 6”


The Kawai GX7 Grand Piano stands at the highest peak of excellence within the GX BLAK Series. It possesses an undeniable aura of grandeur and commands attention with its resolute presence. Renowned by professional pianists worldwide, the GX-7 BLAK exudes an extraordinary character and authoritative voice that sets it apart from the rest.

As the pinnacle of musical artistry, the GX7 BLAK delivers a transcendent performance that captivates both pianists and audiences alike. Its harmonious resonance and nuanced tonal palette enable musicians to express their deepest emotions and artistic vision with unparalleled clarity and conviction. Each note carries a weight and depth that can only be achieved through the fusion of exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology.


Professional pianists consistently choose the GX-7 BLAK for its unwavering reliability and unmatched playing experience. Its touch is highly responsive and nuanced, allowing for effortless control over dynamics and expressive phrasing. The instrument’s exceptional action and precise responsiveness empower pianists to unleash their full creative potential, delivering performances that leave a lasting impression.

The GX7 BLAK’s regal presence and commanding sound make it the definitive choice for discerning musicians in prestigious concert halls, recording studios, and elite performance venues. It exerts a magnetic pull on both pianists and listeners, enveloping them in a world of musical splendor and transporting them to new realms of artistic expression.

With the Kawai GX7 Grand Piano, you step into the realm of musical excellence, where transcendent artistry meets unrivaled authority. It is a piano that embodies the dreams and aspirations of professional pianists, empowering them to shape unforgettable musical experiences that resonate deeply with audiences worldwide.