Kawai K200-ATX4 Hybrid Piano

The NEW Kawai K200-ATX4 embodies the seamless integration of old-world craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, offering an exceptional piano experience. At its core lies the exquisite K-200 professional upright piano, renowned for its responsive Millennium III carbon fiber action and a rich, resonant tone that captivates the senses.

With the innovative acoustic muting feature, pianists can now enjoy the flexibility and convenience of playing discreetly through headphones. This feature allows for private practice sessions without compromising on the expressive touch and immersive sound of the instrument.

Unlocking a world of possibilities, the PianoRemote app grants access to a range of additional features. With 90 digital sounds available, including electric piano, harpsichord, vibes, strings, and more, the K200-ATX4 unleashes boundless creative potential. These digital sounds harness Kawai’s advanced sound technology, ensuring remarkable authenticity and fostering artistic expression.

The inclusion of metronome and record functions adds further versatility to the instrument, empowering musicians to refine their skills and capture their performances for analysis and improvement. Bluetooth MIDI and audio capabilities enable seamless wireless connectivity to other devices, expanding the horizons of musical exploration.

The K-200/ATX4 hybrid represents the perfect marriage of the traditional sound and feel of an acoustic piano with the features and variety typically associated with high-end digital pianos. It delivers outstanding acoustic and digital performance, inspiring pianists of all levels to reach new heights of musicality and creativity.

The NEW Kawai K200-ATX4 is a testament to the harmonious fusion of craftsmanship and technological innovation. It provides an exceptional piano experience that transcends boundaries, capturing the essence of tradition while embracing the limitless possibilities of the digital realm.