Kawai K500

Introducing the Kawai K500, a piano that sets new standards in power, versatility, and tonal excellence. Standing taller at 51″, this exceptional instrument is designed to meet the diverse musical demands of any studio environment. The K-500 showcases an expertly crafted scale and ingenious engineering, resulting in a rare combination of attributes that make it truly outstanding.

MSRP: $16,895

Gallery Price: $14,495

The 51″ height of the Kawai K500 enables it to produce an impressive level of power and dynamic range. This enhanced stature contributes to a commanding presence that fills any studio space with a rich and resonant sound. The carefully designed scale ensures that every note rings out with clarity, precision, and tonal richness, providing a breathtaking musical experience.

The Kawai K500 embodies the perfect harmony between form and function. Its sleek and timeless design is complemented by the intelligent construction within. The attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the polished exterior to the finely tuned internal components, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Delivering a remarkable tonal palette, the Kawai K500 allows musicians to unleash their creativity to the fullest. Its responsive touch and impressive range empower players to explore a wide spectrum of emotions, from delicate and nuanced passages to powerful and expressive performances.

Whether you’re a professional musician or a passionate enthusiast, the Kawai K500 is the pinnacle of musical craftsmanship. Its unique combination of power, dynamic range, and tonal richness elevates your playing to new heights, making it an essential companion in any studio environment. Experience the extraordinary with the Kawai K500 and unlock the full potential of your musical expression.