Kawai Novus NV10S Hybrid Digital Baby Grand Piano

Indulge in the ultimate grand piano experience with the NOVUS NV10S Hybrid Instrument. This extraordinary instrument combines our state-of-the-art Millennium III Hybrid Acoustic Grand Piano Keyboard Action with the cutting-edge SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine and premium amplification technologies developed in collaboration with renowned audio specialist Onkyo. The result is an unparalleled level of realism and authenticity that has never been achieved in a digital instrument before.

The Millennium III Hybrid Action sets a new standard in the industry with its authentic damper mechanism, faithfully replicating the weighting and feel of a grand piano damper pedal. Every nuance of your playing is captured, allowing for the most expressive performances.

With built-in Bluetooth MIDI and audio connectivity, the NV10S offers seamless integration with your favorite devices and software. The stunning 5″ LCD touchscreen display, embedded within the left side panel of the instrument, provides intuitive control and easy access to a wide range of features.

MSRP: $18,099

Gallery Price: $15,199

Immerse yourself in the breathtaking sound of the SK-EX Rendering piano sound engine, featuring multi-channel sampling for exceptional tonal depth and richness. The premium audio processing and amplification, powered by Onkyo, ensure an immersive and dynamic listening experience.

The NV10S boasts a high-fidelity 7-speaker delivery system, meticulously designed to enhance the depth and clarity of the sound. Every note resonates with astonishing realism, filling the room with the grandeur of a concert hall.

With its sleek and stunning polished ebony cabinet, the NV10S exudes elegance and sophistication, resembling a professional grand piano while occupying less floor space than a standard upright. The “Soft Fall” fallboard closing system adds to the luxurious experience.

Experience the tonal and aesthetic beauty of the NOVUS NV10S, a revolutionary instrument that pushes the boundaries of digital piano technology. Unleash your creativity and elevate your musical performances to new heights with this remarkable hybrid instrument.