Kawai Novus NV5S Hybrid Digital Upright Piano

Experience the touch of a world-class upright piano with the NOVUS NV5S Hybrid Digital Piano. Featuring the innovative Millennium III Hybrid upright piano action with a real damper mechanism, this instrument faithfully reproduces the natural motion and feel of an acoustic piano, providing an unparalleled playing experience.

Equipped with a modern touchscreen LCD display and Bluetooth and USB connectivity, the NV5S offers a cutting-edge interface and seamless integration with smart devices. Effortlessly navigate through its features and expand your musical possibilities with ease.

Powered by Onkyo transducers, the NV5S delivers impressive sounds that will captivate any pianist. With the renowned Shigeru Kawai SK-EX Concert Grand Piano at its core, the SK-EX Rendering sound engine with multi-channel piano sampling provides exceptional tonal depth and realism. Immerse yourself in the rich and expressive sound of this exceptional instrument.

The NV5S incorporates premium audio processing, amplification, and speaker technologies, all powered by Onkyo. The 3rd generation TwinDrive Soundboard Speaker system, featuring Onkyo transducers, ensures a superior listening experience, bringing your performances to life with remarkable clarity and resonance.

MSRP: $12,499

Gallery Price: $9999

Enjoy the convenience of integrated Bluetooth MIDI and audio, allowing for seamless wireless communication with your smart devices. The modern 5″ LCD touchscreen display, with its intuitive swipe operation, offers a user-friendly interface for effortless control and customization.

With the flexible Virtual Technician function, you have access to 19 adjustable parameters, allowing you to tailor the sound to your preferences and create a personalized playing experience. Record and playback your WAV, MP3, and MIDI files via USB memory for easy storage and sharing of your musical creations.

The NV5S boasts an attractive topboard speaker cover crafted by the esteemed Danish textile house Kvadrat, adding a touch of elegance to its stunning ebony polish cabinet design. The Soft Fall fallboard system enhances the overall aesthetic and functionality of this exceptional instrument.

Elevate your musical performances and embrace the future of hybrid digital piano technology with the NOVUS NV5S. With its outstanding features, remarkable sound quality, and exquisite design, this instrument sets a new standard for excellence in the world of pianos.