Kawai Piano Gallery of Sacramento is a piano store that offers an assortment of fine acoustic and digital pianos to meet all your music needs. Founded in 1927, Kawai is known around the globe for its high standard of excellence in the manufacturing of musical instruments. Kawai’s innovative large, small, and standing pianos we offer in Sacramento and the company’s excellent service have received over 50 major international awards making them one of the most celebrated music companies in the world.


Sacramento Piano Store

Kawai grand and upright pianos are highly favored by professional pianists, churches, students, teachers and piano enthusiasts worldwide. Kawai digital pianos have won numerous international awards making them one of the most celebrated digital instruments in the music industry. Kawai professional stage pianos are a top choice among performing artists.
The renowned Shigeru Kawai Grand Pianos are lauded worldwide for their exquisite tone and touch.

We invite you to visit our Sacramento piano store showroom to experience the artistry and the innovative technology that has made Kawai one of the most acclaimed music manufacturers in the world today.